What are Pralines?


Pralines, commonly known as “Belgian chocolates” or “chocolate bonbons” in English-speaking countries, are chocolate pieces filled with a soft centre. They were first introduced by Jean Neuhaus II, a Belgian chocolatier, in 1912.

There have always been many forms and shapes in Belgian pralines. They nearly always contain a hard chocolate shell with a softer (sometimes liquid) filling. Confusion can arise over the use of the word praline in Belgium as it may refer to filled chocolates in general known as pralines (pronounced pra-LEENS) and it may also refer to a traditional praline filling common in Europe (caramelised hazelnuts ground into a paste) known as praliné (pronounced pra-lee-NAY). Belgian chocolates (pralines) are not limited to the traditional praliné filling and can include butter, liquor, nuts, marzipan, or even a chocolate blend that contrasts with the hard outer shell. They are often sold in stylised boxes in the form of a gift box. Today, Belgian pralines are still very popular in Belgium, as well as in other countries. De Meersman offers exclusive pralines from some of the top chocolatiers in the world.

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