Single origin box assorted 21pcs

Assortment box of our delicious Single origin chocolates.

These chocolates are made with 5 single origin chocolates made with cacao beans from one specific country. Five very different flavours that will bring you right to these tropical destinations. Enjoy this chocolate world trip. For real foodies and chocoholics!

1. Ghana: Cocoa from Ghana, Africa. 40% Cocoa. Milk chocolate with fruit and chestnut flavors. Chocolate cream filling with mango and hazelnut.
2. Ecuador: Cocoa from Ecuador, South America. 70% Cocoa. Dark chocolate with intense cocoa flavor, roasted and fruity aromas. Chocolate cream filling with coffee and caramel.
3. Papua: Cocoa from Papua New Guinea. 35% Cocoa. Milk chocolate with hazelnut and caramel aromas. Chocolate cream filling with pineapple and banana.
4. Ivory coast: Cocoa from Ivory coast, Africa. 47,3%. Ruby chocolate with fruity fresh sour hints. Chocolate cream filling with strawberry, raspberry and cherry.
5. Brazil: Cocoa from Brazil, South America. 67% Cocoa. Dark chocolate with intense bitter cocoa flavour. Chocolate cream filling with caipirinha (Cachaça and lime).

$ 31.50